Panui is a non-profit organization
focused on being an Open Space for
mindfully exploring contemporary, lost, and forgotten Jewish mystical text and practice.

Panui has three pillars:


Revealing CRITICAL WISDOM through contemporary translations and commentary mystical texts.
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Re-discovering CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICE and creating new, authentic ones.
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Creating CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY through guides and curricula for building stronger, more meaningful communities that connect the head and the heart to each other. 
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Aubrey L. Glazer, PhD is the founder and director of Panui. He has served as senior rabbi of numerous congregations from the west to the east coast. Aubrey has dedicated two decades to researching, publishing, teaching and performing piyyut (Jewish liturgical poetry) as well as translating and collaborating with contemporary Hebrew poets in Israel and across the globe. Aubrey is a sensitive and gifted teacher in demand in many contexts, from seminaries to universities and retreat centers. Called  “bold and imaginative” by Danny Matt, Aubrey’s most recent books include the acclaimed: Tangle of Matter & Ghost: Leonard Cohen’s Post-Secular Songbook of Mysticism(s) Jewish & Beyond (2017) and God Knows Everything is Broken: The Great (Gnostic) Americana Songbook of Bob Dylan (2019).
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Dr. Elyssa Wortzman (D.Min, L.L.B) is a spiritual director, educator and artist. She is the recipient of the Rabbi Samuel Sandmel Award for her innovative doctoral thesis on art as spiritual direction from the Graduate Theological Foundation (2016). She has worked as a Jewish educator in seminaries, community centers, schools and synagogues. Some of her path-breaking research includes: “The Role of Mindful Art-making in Jewish Dialogical Spiritual Education” (New International Studies on Religion and Dialogue in Education), “Process Theology, Aesthetics, Halacha and Spritual Development Through Art” (Foundation Theology), and “Art, Imagination and Ritual as a Way to Build Conscious Community” (Foundation Theology). Her artist-in-residencies include Art Kibbutz (NY, 2013) and Kol Ha’Ot (Jerusalem, 2023).